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Everyone is familiar with the term 'induction'. But that is not the same as employee onboarding.


Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism by which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behavior and become effective organizational members and insiders.


Tactics used in this process are e.g. formal meetings, lectures, videos, print materials, or computer-based orientations. Newcomers get acquainted with their new job and organization. Research has shown that this socialization techniques lead to positive results for new hires such as higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater commitment to the organization and reduced stress and intention to quit.


These results are especially important for an organization looking to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly globalized world with mobile workers.



E-learning (with ShareKnowledge) as part of a blended learning approach, can well be used to transfer part of the necessary information and knowledge. The advantage of e-learning is that it is quick to adapt to changes within the company and is highly scalable. We can help you choose the right approach. Request info or call us at 036-8446055.rmation