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Baseline measuring

To make a good start with e-learning it is a requirement that one knows what the goal is and what purposes have been formulated. Our goal is to issue you a clear final report on how to achieve those goals. This is an independent advice with clear guidance for the organization.


Course Of Action
Our e-learning specialist will make an appointment at your office and will have meetings with various stakeholders (management, trainers, IT, HR, etc.) and will interview, discuss and propose solutions to the wishes and needs of the entire organization.
New learning
Employees gain knowledge and skills in ever-changing ways, without time and location constraints.
It is not only important how and when they learn but also how all this will be monitored in an efficient and effective manner. What competencies and certifications are required from the individual and, if desired, grouped by division, branch etc.
Final report
In our final report we will present a clear and “to the point” advice and description of the work to be performed and we will give recommendations on how to achieve it. We will look critically at the cost involved and the increase in enablement it will give. And what the return will be through using resources and tools and within the framework of the adopted budget. In short, how you will smartly innovate and get efficient with a view towards the future of your people and organization.
Your investment is, one day with the presence of the right stakeholders according to a predetermined schedule, just € 895.00.
Our investment is to refund a portion of the costs of this day when a follow-up order is received to implement (parts of) the specified e-learning plan.