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Our services

To build beautiful, responsible and interactive learning materials, it is not enough to put ordinary digital materials online. This gives the use of e-learning no added value. It requires the necessary expertise to do so. We are talking about Instructional Design. We have for you the Instructional Designers. These are educational experts with specific expertise on how to build online educational material but especially on how to design materials to use online. We also supervise all steps during the implementation, through consultancy, project management and training, or to set up an e-learning plan based on a baseline measurement.


If you yourself do not see opportunities for setting up a server for e-learning we can help, through hosting, take care of everything. This can be tailored or via the quick start, deploying an eAcademy.
Do you want to create links between different systems, we have the expertise to perform this. Consider, for example to link between an HR system and a learning management system.
In short, we can assist you in every stage in the implementation of e-learning projects, both in services and in products.