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ShareKnowledge is a true SharePoint LMS. ShareKnowledge is not only integrated with SharePoint but also built on top of it, functioning as one of its components.
A LMS designed for business. We performed a detailed analysis of corporate training protocols. ShareKnowledge therefore supports a very wide range of educational scenarios.
Easy to use interface. All the information the learner needs is available on their Home page. It’s presented using 3 handy views which make it possible to sort by: completion date, type (Required, Recommended, Open) or status (Request Enrollment, Enrolled, Started, Completed).
Synchronize users with your Active Directory. ShareKnowledge features a special integration tool - a solution that makes it possible to synchronize ShareKnowledge with AD.
Integration with HRIS and other IT systems. Our implementation team will help you configure the automatic updating of data about employees and the company’s organizational structure, all within ShareKnowledge.
Outlook calendar and notifications. It’s easy to remember every learning activity, since information about them is stored directly within employees’ Outlook.
Manage webinars directly within the LMS. Plan webinars with WebEx, Lync, GoToWebinar or AdobeConnect directly within the LMS.
Test Converter. Allows you to create tests containing thousands of questions in a few minutes.
Answer types. Allows you to choose the answer types appropriate to a specific situation.
Images and animation within questions. You can add images and SWF files to illustrate questions as needed.
Time limits. Set time limits to pass a test.
Random questions. Generate a set of random questions to test employees.

Manage Each Employee’s Training Curriculum. Assemble training programs from interlinked learning activities: materials, e-learning courses, tests, training sessions, etc. The system allows any desired quantity of learning activities to be included within the training program.

Personal Learning Plan. Every employee has a personalized learning plan at their disposal, which is a list of activities being studied or that they’ll need to study later. The employee sees within their plan, for each activity: its name, a short description, the activity type, enrollment type (if this course is mandatory) and its status (if study is in progress).

Three Extraordinary Reporting Types
Fast and simple basic reports. Obtain specific needed data in a few clicks. Filter and sort data, select needed columns, just like in Excel.
Build advanced reports in 3 clicks. Set up and save the custom reports you need on a regular basis. A specially designed interface makes it possible to create, edit and save any needed report.
Accessible for integration. Use any external reporting system such as SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports to connect to ShareKnowledge’s externally accessible database.