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Restudy is an open platform where users can publish material and help to build a knowledge portal for students and teachers. Users on the site can come into contact with each other and our community can provide assistance to weaker students or themselves receive help from dedicated teachers or students.

Flipping the Classroom
It is Restudy's goal that everyone has access to quality education.
Regardless of your ambition, mental abilities, nationality or ethnicity, you should be able to obtain the required knowledge. Restudy is working towards a school where each individual child is challenged to have his / her level and pace and where teachers have time to be curious, experimental and passionate.
Our mission is to accelerate the sharing of knowledge and to support differentiated instruction. We develop our own learning platform that suits the individual teacher or student with an adaptive approach and presents professional content in a way that is easy to understand.
We produce professional educational videos for primary and secondary education in collaboration with committed teachers and students.
All this in an effort to make education available.