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Exaltive Suite combines 3 powerful tools to merge personalized or data driven content from a web application into an online video, also allowing collection of user inputs and transactions.


Exaltive Designer Studio

The Exaltive Designer Studio gives you the tools to turn any static linear video into a fully interactive video guided workflow. Choose from a rich library of interactive elements and add clickable behaviors to images, buttons, hot spots and more. The designer dynamic interactions let you plug your existing web page controls directly into the video to create a video experience tied to the needs of your web site or application.

Nothing captures user attention like videos! Interactive Video Guided Workflows combine user inputs and video on a single screen for a seamless experience that informs, inspires, and transacts.
Create data driven video that personalizes viewer experience with real time information and images, targeted to specific demographics.
Enrollment, registration, setup, customer feedback, wizards, and more – Exaltive Interactive Video Guided Workflows fit at any place where you need to engage your viewers. You can collect data, or sell online, with a great first impression.
Exaltive’s lightweight HTML5 player and integrations can follow wherever your video leads. With device and bandwidth optimized encoding, you can create the right experience for your audience.
Video + Mobile + User Input = Amazing! The power of Exaltive is never more evident than on mobile where Interactive Video Guided Workflows lead users to complete the sign up and adoption processes in a single seamless flowing experience.
Exaltive’s architecture ensures that your data never leaves your pages. There are no imports, exports or web services to expose your data outside your domain.