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Our products

We provide the complete e-learning process; creating, managing and delivering e-learning content (learning material), if desired in a hosted environment.
In our portfolio we have both products, Raptivity, Composica and Elucidat, but also the knowledge and skills to create e-learning content or other digital content on demand. This is done according to the current e-learning standards such as SCORM 1.2 and 2004.
Raptivity is an authoring tool with many templates that can be used by anyone with little computer skills and leads to a fast and beautiful interactive results.
Composica and Elucidat go beyond this and offer complete web-based solutions to collaborate with several people creating e-learning content. Furthermore, we have Exaltive, an opportunity to create interactive videos.
To be able to reuse learning materials easily it is necessary to have a repository, a database, or use in the specific case of e-learning material, a learning content management system. Composica and Elucidat are such systems. These are in addition to the development database (repository) for material.
If an organization already has Microsoft SharePoint is in use, it can also be seen as the underlying database. It is not a learning content management system, but more of a Content Management System.
When deliver to end users / students we are talking about using a learning management system. For this we have ShareKnowledge and it uses many standard features within Microsoft SharePoint. It is also possible to use the development environments, Raptivity, Composica and Elucidat, like Flash or HTML to deliver, so it can run on any website. Disadvantage is that specific matters, such as tracking and reporting that take place within a learning management system, will not be executed.
We also offer restudy as a learning (Learn) platform on videos, containing paired testing, linking, reporting and tracking. Restudy is the solution for Flipping the Classroom.